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The best two days of a boat owners life are the day he buys it...and the day he joins Boatyard, the world’s first mobile app that delivers owner happiness on-demand. Download the app today to join our exclusive South Florida launch.

Do more of

what Makes you happy.

You bought your boat to fish, cruise, ski or swim. You didn't buy it to sit in its slip. We know it's exhausting to give your boat the love it needs at the end of a long day on the water, so let us handle the cleanup for you.

Whether you need a full detail, a fishing guide or just a second set of hands, Boatyard Crew Members are available at the click of a button on the Boatyard app.



Need your regular boat maintenance? A repair? The newest bluetooth fishfinder? Whatever you want. Whatever you need. Just shoot us your request through the Boatyard app and we’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen for you.


Before joining our platform, all Boatyard Crew are screened and vetted. The Boatyard community reviews each completed task to ensure that our Crew members maintain the highest standards of service.

Fall in Love

with your boat again.

With Boatyard, the honeymoon never ends. Sign up today to experience the easiest way to own a boat...period.

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